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The objective of this project is provide a cross-platform free LASER shooting simulator and accessories available to the average user. The simulator is available for the operating system GNU/Linux and MS Windows and is available for FREE.

Basic infornation you find at info page:

English info

Informace v češtině

Visit the Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/HomeLaserShooting

HomeLESS mean Home LASER Shooting Simulator and is a free software. Anybody can download the source code and improve it oneself. HomeLESS is developed in open source programming language and environment Processing

Contain of this webpage is under following licence: CC BY-SA 3.0



Hit Analyzer 1.0a manual uploaded

14/09/2013 20:57
HomeLESS Hit Analyzer 1.0a manual has been uploaded. You found it at download page.

Hit Analyzer 1.0a released

01/09/2013 18:52
HomeLESS Hit Analyzer version 1.0a hase been released. You can found it on project's github page or...
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