HomeLESS project

This is a free alternative to commercial shooting simulators. The aim of the project is to create a simulator that will be the simplest and cheapest. Anyone can use Project Homeless to build their own home shooting range, and practice shooting in the comfort of home. The software part, Hit Analyzer is programmed in the programming language Processing using freely available libraries (for processing video signal is used GStreamer). This allows to running the simulator under different operating systems. Supported and tested operating systems are Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. Project Homeless does not require any special hardware. The hardware part consists of a computer, standard webcam and a laser module (or laser pointer). The necessary electronic circuits to control the timing of the laser module, instructions for making weapons suitable for the simulator or recommended modifications airsoft replicas are (will be) available on the project website Homeless (https://homeless-eng.webnode.com/).

Why the project started

The project started for need of training shooting according to the rules ISSF air rifle and air pistol. Of course it is possible to use the simulator for purposes other than training according to ISSF rules. The aim was, among other things save time required to visit the shooting range. With the simulator you can shoot almost anywhere, anytime. You can train at home on the corridor or even in the living room. Hit Analyzer allows you to adjust the shooting conditions to match the distances in the real shooting range. For example, shooting at 25 meters you can train at 5 meters. One of the users using simulator Hit Analyzer to train shooting at 300 meters in the living room. He using a target size of 16mm

What is needed

Hit Analyzer - Multi-platform shooting simulator.
LaBr-gun - modified laser guns for the simulator, it is possible to use other alternatives.
Paper target - the target data are stored the file tgt.
USB Web Cam - minimum 640x480 resolution and 30 frames per second.
Computer - installed GNU/Linux or MS Windows (tested version: XP, W7)

How simulator works

The principle is simple. Video from webcams are processed using the Hit Analyzer. Coordinates of hit are determined by the brightest point (LASER dot). Scoring is dependent on the type of target and projectile diameter.

How much for it

The software part is free, the rest is necessary buy (webcam, PC) or make. Without of price of computer, the hardware part costs about 78 $.