Mechanical Shooting Gallery N.001

This Mechanical Shooting Gallery No: 001 is the completely new hardware part of HomeLESS project.

Main parts of the shooting gallery are - 3x model making TowerPro SG90 9G servo, 3x photoresistor VT93N2, breadboard, Arduino Uno, 3x 10K  resistor and some wires to connect. Price of these products is about 23 $. In bellow you can see how it is connected.

We have mounted all hardware parts into the paper box. Not the best solution because of its fragility. It is a good idea to make chasing from wood or plastic to make it more solid.
Breadboard is glued in front part of the paper box. Targets are mounted in cut holes on the topof the box. Holes must be big enough for moves made by servo. Servos are glued on the bottomof the cover. Arduino and all the wires are in the box. The USB cable which is used to send code
into the Arduino and also for powering it leads from the back side of box. This setup can be seen in figure bellow.

How is it work you can see on the author's Youtube channel.