New version coming soon

18/09/2014 20:00
New version of Hit Analyzer is almost ready to release. Now is testing on different OS and also manual is preparing (this take the most time). The date of release will be probably on 5th of october this year. So here is a screenshot, enjoy it :)

Working in progress...

15/07/2014 07:51
New version is preparing: - improved GUI - new functionality   New poll: It is about your favorite targets.   New webcam added: Added cheap HD webcam even for GNU/Linux. See hardware section or official website Creative Live! Cam Sync HD.

Playing with webcams

16/05/2014 09:00
We tested "new" webcams for HomeLESS Hit Analyzer. The first is cheap HD webcam manufactured by Microsoft, it is Lifecam HD 3000. With this webcam you can run Hit Analyzer 1.1b with resolution up to 1024 x 768 with 30 fps. But you need to modify the ini file by inserting value of resolution. This...

Hit Analyzer manual finally uploaded, new DIY TAU 7 LaBr Gun

22/01/2014 17:08
HomeLESS Hit Analyzer 1.1b manual has been uploaded. You found it at download site google drive/documentation. Also was added new article about DIY LaBr Gun kit for favorite czech sport air pistol TAU 7. So enjoy.

Article about adjusting LASER module for your LaBr-gun,

10/01/2014 11:15
New article about Adjustment of LASER module is added. So enjoy it.

Hit Analyzer 1.1b for 64bits Windows

16/12/2013 21:59
Project Homeless now has official support from University of Defense. So now can be tested on different operating systems. Thanks to this is fixed problem with running Hit Analyzer 1.1b under 64bits version of Windows. For downloading version for 64bits Windows see download page. For HomeLESS Hit...

New targets for Hit analyzer and public presentation of project

02/12/2013 23:31
New targets on  Google drive  Targets for print - 6 targets (2 revised, 4 new) in 23 pdf files. Every file contain reduced target and value for simulated distance shooting. Targets also contain control mark (dimension with value 180 millimeters) to check the validity of dimension after...

HomeLESS Hit Analyzer 1.1b released

01/12/2013 23:13
HomeLESS Hit Analyzer version 1.1b has been released. You can found it on google drive. Source code you can found on project's github page. New features: - Better target selection, - setting the sensitivity of hit detection in program, - full implementation of shooting record, the Shooting log, -...

Hit Analyzer 1.1b is coming...

26/11/2013 21:24
Good news New version of Hit Analyzer 1.1b will be available on the 1st of December 2013. A new page has been added. Refers to alternative LASER weapons for Hit analyzer. Bad news Because of big traffic on HomeLESS webpage, all downloadable contents are available only at google drive.  

The great update finished

19/11/2013 17:51
Changes: Software - Summary of software part. Hardware - Summary of hardware part FAQ - Added new items Added: Info - Summary information of HomeLESS project Webcams - Summary of suitable webcams for Hit Analyzer Support - Some ways how to help to project. Plans: - Release new version of hit...
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