The great update just started.

13/11/2013 21:37
We are changing website structure for greater clarity. In the next few days will be added to the site with new content. The plan is to add a photo article about the creation of LaBr-gun (almost done) and a revised and expanded existing ones. New version of Hit Analyzer is almost done (finishing up...

Working in progress

14/10/2013 20:19
Downloading is much easier now. New download site is used. Now you can use Google drive to downloading parts of projects HomeLESS (programs, documentation, etc.) This features is also added into download section.   Preparing of new version of Hit Analyzer  - After a several tests is added...

Hit Analyzer 1.0a manual uploaded

14/09/2013 20:57
HomeLESS Hit Analyzer 1.0a manual has been uploaded. You found it at download page.

Hit Analyzer 1.0a released

01/09/2013 18:52
HomeLESS Hit Analyzer version 1.0a hase been released. You can found it on project's github page or download from server.

Working in progress

20/08/2013 19:39
Webpages are almost finished

Website launched

19/08/2013 19:20
Our new website has been launched today.
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