Processing settings

Here is a few instruction how to set Processing to run Hit Analyzer from source codes.

Click on File -> Preferences

There is written location of sketchbook, the place where are placed libraries, tools and projects itself. Processing accesses to libraries for projects only from this directory.

The sketchbook folder has following form:
../sketchbook/libraries   - Copy library folder here.
../sketchbook/modes    - I dont know for what this directory is :-).
../sketchbook/projects  - Copy Hit Analyzer folder here (source code from  github ).
../sketchbook/tools       - Folder for special tool for Processing.


Necesary libraries for run Hit Analyzer

They described in HomeLESS_Hit_Analyzer.pde file after the word import.

- controlP5 version 2.0.3

- gucomponents version 2.0.3

- GStreamer GSvideo version 1.0.0


For install library just copy it into /sketchbook/libraries directory and restart Processing. In picture bellow you can see example of instaled library controlP5 in sketchbook folder.

To check if the library is installed correctly, click File -> Examples.

It will open another window with examples for every library installed in Processing. Libraries installed in sketchbook directory are shown under bookmark Contributed libraries. If they missing there, they are not correctly installed or you not restart Processing after install library.


You have to do only two things:

- First, set path for sketchbook.

- Second, copy necesary libraries into  ../sketchbook/libraries folder.

Remember, that Hit Analyzer is primary 32bit aplication, it is not recommended to use 64bit version of Processing and libraries.

After this, you will be able to run Hit Analyzer from source code :).