Shooting Analyzer

This is second released version (0.2) of special program to viewing shooting logs from Hit Analyzer.  It can run in GNU/Linux and MS Windows.


How to use it

First you have to click on "Input" button.

Next step is select the shootlog file and click on "Open" button.

Then you have got visualised shootlog file.

 You can colored hits by their values and use grid in background. Center of grid is in center of target..

If the hits are so close each to other that they are hard to read, you can make them small. Also you can scale the grid size.

Scatter of hits is represented by CTC (Center to center) value at X and Y axis. The units of CTC depends on target units (can be Inches or Millimeters).


So, remember that this is just version 0.2, so it can't works for 99.999 percent (restart solve almost averything problem : ) ).