Hit Analyzer

This is main program of HomeLESS project. Thank to this you need only a webcam, laser pointer or special LASER gun (LaBr-gun) and printed paper target to enjoy safe firing at your home

The program works in two modes, configuration and shooting mode. The first mode is for settings the simulator, for example: load and synchronization target, caliber set, shooting styles setting. In shooting mode software controls firing by number of hits or time. The firing can be recorded as shooting log file. This file  can be exported as "slg" file in shootlog directory (will be crated automaticly in software directory). This file contains information of shooting for later processing like analysis or archiving.


User's modifications

The HomeLESS Hit Analyzer can be easily modified by user in many ways. The easiest way is modifing and creating a new extension files. The "ini" file, "tgt" files, "lng" files. and "gun" files.

New targets can be easily created, modified and added with target files. They are created with simple rules, so everbody can modify or create it. Of course there are tweaks such as language packs. Other language versions can be created easily with language pack file. User can also modify the "ini" file in the program or manually with text editor. No one need be afraid of editing these files. Because if make a mistake, there is simple way to fix it, just delete the wrong file. If software not found these "basic" files, just creates new one (with default values).



In the future it is planned shooting using simulated ballistic curve, new types of targets (not just circles and squares). Useful functions that will delight many shooters will also be using the projector for projecting interactive scenes not only for realistic training of the armed forces but also to simulation hunting and for entertainment (shooting gallery