The Bubbles TD

The Bubbles TD is  the technology demo of power of interconnecting Hit Analyzer with other application via HomeLESS Interoperability Protocol. It is simple shooting game using mouseclick for shooting the "bubbles". But you can use HIP to conntect this application with Hit Analyzer to create funny LASER shooting game. The area of interest defined by black frame inside the window.

The objective of this little game is simple. Just hit all bubbles in the screen. If you hit center of bubble, you take 10 points. For middle hit (shadow part) you take 8 poitns. And if you hit the rim of bubble you take 5 points.

Of course there is a time limit 30 seconds. After you reach the limit, the game over. You also have necessary bullets which equals to number of bubbles (targets). But don't worry, after you fired last bullet there is auto-reload function. But you get for that 10 seconds penalty.