Control electronics

The control electronics takes care of the timing period LASER light and interconnection of electronic components of weapons.

Basic electronics

LaBr-gun basic electronics include micro switch, capacitor, battery pack and LASER module. In a default state the capacitor is charged via the micro switch. Charging takes a few milliseconds. The press of the trigger micro switch redirects charged capacitor to the LASER module. Accumulated energy in capacitor beams laser light for a few tens of milliseconds. Duration and intensity of glow is dependent on the capacity of the condenser. The capacitance was found experimentally. This solution should only be temporary for experimentation, but it turned out to be a very practical. It is very simple, cheap and reliable, because duration of light exposure can be corrected in the program.

On picture below is the photo of prototype of basic electronics. This prototype is very useful for testing configuration of electrical parts.

Advanced electronics

In the future the duration of glow will be controlled by microcontroller so time can be controlled with microsecond precision. Microcontroller is used to create more realistic behaviour of the LaBr-gun. For example, for the simulation of the magazine. This solution is still under development.