TAU 7 LaBr Gun kit

This is special adapter for Czech sport air pistol TAU 7. It old (uses CO2) but still very accurate and cheap sport weapon. This is latest LaBr Gun for project HomeLESS. The electronic circuit do not contain any timing part. The kit consist only switch atached to triger, battery holder and LASER module. So the LASER beam duration depend on time of holding the trigger. Timing of hit rate is solved by Hit Analyzer program by higher value of "Delay" in ini file (value of 30 is enough).

Necessary parts:

- TAU 7 air pistol

- microswitch push button

- 2 AAA battery holder

- Adjustable LASER module

- wires (blue and red are the best)

- 2 screws

- handtools (soldering station, pliers, knife, etc.)


Electronic triger

For creating electronic trigger is used microswitch push button placed behind original trigger. The button is glued on the piece of plastic formed to create frame support. This plastic support is attached via original holes in trigger guard by screw.


Batery holder

This is a common battery holder for two standards AAA cells. Prefer AAA instead of AA standards is better because of weight. It's attached via original holes in trigger guard by screw.


Adjustable LASER module

Adjustable LASER module is assembled from piece of tube and tube holder. Suitable tube shall have pipe wall thickness about 2 milimeters or more. Tube holder is made from plastic a modified with hand tools. For attaching under barrel is suitable rubber band.

Construction of adjustable LASER module depends on your own. For inspiration look at page about Adjusting LASER module.

Keep in mind that the LASER module needs proper polarity.



This adapter is very cheap and can be easy take down from the pistol so you can use it as usual. But is little harder to right adjust LASER module after attachment.