Adjustment of LASER module

There is some ways how to adjust the laser to fit with sights. The simplest way (from technical point of view) is adjust only the sights. But this is not possibility on every weapon, especialy the most of cheap airsoft replicas has no adjustable sights :( . It is can be solved by attaching adjustable sight. Collimator is very suitable for this. LaBr-gun MP5 uses this solution. But this article is aimed at to do this in better way. For example there is shown how to do only in one axis (2D). Of course these solutions are possible to adjusting LASER module in two axis (3D)


Adjustment by screws only

This is a simplest solution. The required are only screws. In picture below are signed by numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. Screws 1 and 2 are fixed. They are only for holding part of LASER module at same position. For directing LASER beam from place A to place B are used the screws number 3 and 4. LASER module is rotating around of spike ends of the screws number 1 and 2.

This solution is used for prototype of ISSF LaBr-gun. (You can see it in the picture in the gallery)

In picture below is another point of view of this solution.

Summary: You just only needs few screws for do it.


Adjustment by elastic element and screws

This solution is smarter than first but cannot works anywhere. The screws number 1 and 2 are replaced by rubber o-ring (number 1 in picture below). The fuction of crews number 3 and 4 are same as in the first one solution.

This solution is used for TAU7 LaBr-kit adapter (article coming soon). It is using only 3 screws because this adapter is attachment under barrel and there is no place for 4 screws solution. So it is little bit harder to adjust LASER module well but it is work fine.

In picture below is another point of view of this soultion

Summary: If you have well fit o-ring, this is the best solution.


Adjustment by one way element

This is the most advanced solution but LASER module can be adjustment only in one axis. And of course is very laborious. The screw number 3 is replaced by spring. For adjusting LASER module you need only one screw.

In picture below necessary components for this solution.

Detail of adjusting LASER module.

Detail of adjusting LASER module, center position.

Summary: Very laborious, you need another way how to adjusting laser in second way but it is look great.