HIP messages

Warning: This article is primarily for developers

HIP messages are for easily communication with other programs and applications transported by UDP protocol via common network interface.

These messages have the general form "HA-ID-SID-Data". In the message, the individual identifiers and data are separated by a hyphen and have a different meaning:

Identifier Meaning
HA Identifier of HIP message from Hit Analyzer, 2 letters
ID Identifier of message and data type, 4 digits
SID Super identifier for future use, 8 digits.
Data Data content, depent od message type, variable lenght.


In Hit Analyzer version 1.2a are supported following messages:


ID Meaning Note
100 Position of hit with points value and time.  
101 Remmaped position of hit with time For monoscope only
199 hit is out of range For monoscope only
200 Hello word Hello message, for fun


In console you can see something like this:

HA-0199-00000001-Hit is out of range.



For more details about HIP messages see manual.