The Bubbles is very simply application, so for settings there is only configuration file.  So, when you modify the "ini" file you have to restart the program. Here is a describe of "bubbles.ini" file. You can change green marked values. But be careful, The Bubbles cannot generate ini file when you delete it (this ability is just only in Hit Analyzer) :) .

General settings

- This section is for setting of size of place, where bubbles will move. Use the standard sizes for easy using of monoscope target.

Area of interest width = 640
Area of interest height = 480

Sound settings

- To disable sound, rewrite 1 by 0 (zero). Of course you can change the sample file of hit.
Sound = 1
Hit file = hit.mp3

Shooting settings

- There is part is not need to explain, but do not write high numbers (20 is the limit) and speeds of bubbles.

Numbers of bubbles = 10
bubbles speed min = 1
bubbles speed max = 5

HIP settings

- To enable HIP ability change "HIP enable = 0" to "HIP enable = 1", because it is disabled by default. When you use The Bubbles TD on same computer as Hit Analyzer, let the IP address and port with no changes.

HIP enable = 0
IP addres =
Port = 56789