The ini file

Here is description of configuration "ha.ini" file of HomeLESS Hit Analyzer. Green values can be modified by user. Remember, if you make mistake during modifying this file and program will not work correctly. Just delete this file, HomeLESS Hit Analyzer automatically creates new one with default settings.


Webcam settings

Number of selected webcam or name of your selected webcam. Numbers 0~5 works only at GNU/Linux version of HomeLESS Hit Analyzer. For windows version set number 6. Default value for GNU/Linux version is 0, default value for windows version is 6.

You can write name of your camera device. This name you can found in consola output as show picture below. The name is betwen words "name=" and ", size =xxx". In this case the name of device is "/dev/video0" (the last character is zero). In MS Windows system there be some thing like "USB Video Device".

Also you can change the resolution of webcam, but be sure to that resolution is supported and enabled.

Webcam = 6

Video width = 640

Video height = 480

Shooting settings

At lines of shooting settings, you can change the language package (if you have another one) and countdown before shooting starts.

language = english

Prepare = 3