HomeLESS Hit Analyzer use special target files. These files are simple text files with “tgt” suffix. This solution allows easy way to add new targets created by the user. So there can be used lot of targets independently to software creator. Every “tgt” file contain values of target dimensions, type of target and name of the target. For detailed information about creating see the documentation at download page.

Circle targets

Is the basic target represented by concentric circles with defined diameters and point values. They auto centred in program, but position can be changed manually. There are three subtypes of circles.Used names are for ease of reference


Full circle

This target contain every circle from 1 point to 10 points.

Half circle

This target start with circle value different from 1 point. Can contain only one circle with 10 point value.

Fragmented circle

At this target some diameters are missing, but must contain 10 points diameter.


Square circle target

This is similar to circle target, but contain two square areas. So the hit zone is square with circles. The circle target inside the areas is ruled as circle target type in previous chapter (Circle target). The change form previous targets type is input of two areas and position of included circle target.