Weapon's profile

Information about every weapon which is used in Hit Analyzer is stored in special weapon's profile file. Name of this file can be arbitrary but is recommended to use short and concise name. Because full name of weapon is stored inside this file. File extension must be "gun". For example, the right name is: "default\_weapon.gun". Values of weapon properties are stored in separate lines (Table \ref[tab_gun_profile]{}). All gun files must be in "weapons" directory in Hit Analyzer directory, otherwise can result in abnormal behaviour of program.


Line no. Name of value Date type
1 Name of weapon Text
2 Caliber Number
3 Units of caliber Text
4 New detection time Number
5 Hit X-axis offset. Number
6 Hit Y-axis offset Number

For filling these data into the file, follow these rules. Number of rule is equal to the number of line in profile file.

1 Name of weapon can be arbitrary, you can write here almost everything.
2 Value of caliber. Maximum allowed value can be 20 (checked by program automatically).
3 This text, "mm" or "inch" is for information only, because this text Hit Analyzer automatically rewrite this when the save function is used.
4 Time for start new detection after previous hit was detected. This value is in milliseconds. Minimum value is 100 (checked by program automatically).
5 Value 5000 for zero offset of X axis of hit, this value is modified by program. So just write value 5000, the program will take care about this value.
6 Value 5000 for zero offset of Y axis of hit, see text as above.% Hodnota 5000 pro nulový posun, další opravy provádět jen v programu.

For inspiration there are following examples of weapon's profile file. The first is "gun" file of sport pistol TAU 7. This weapon hasn't control electronic for timing of LASER beam. So the time for start new detection is set to 3000 milliseconds (3 seconds), this value is enough. This weapon has already modified the position of hit (hit offset).


Name of file: TAU7_4_5mm.gun
1. line: TAU 7
2. line: 4.5
3. line: mm
4. line: 3000
5. line: 4928.5
6. line: 4961.0

Another example of weapon's profile file. This weapon use caliber in inches and hasn't offset of hit position. New detection start time is set to 300 milliseconds because this weapon has control electronic for LASER beam.


Name of file: Magnum_357.gun
1. line: Super magnum
2. line: 0.357
3. line: inch
4. line: 300
5. line: 5000
6. line: 5000

Now you know how to create your own weapon's profile file. If are you not sure, you can modify the existing one. But remember to use UTF-8 encoding.