Lanuage pack

The "lng" files provides possibility easy way to translate program to another language. If you want to change the language, just create a new language pack and set its use in "ini" file.

Here are the rules for creating new language packs:

- Use file extension "lng".

- Use UTF8 encoding.


Easy way how to change the language

(If there is no another language file)

1) Open file "english.lng". Is in the "languages" directory.

2) Save this file with name of language which you want. It is very important to use UTF8 encoding.

3) Translate and rewrite all words except the "HomeLESS - Hit Analyzer version ... ". Be careful with length of the words.

4) Save the file. Use UTF8 encoding.

5) Change language in "ha.ini" file.

6) Enjoy new language mutation.